How do I find a Realtor?

This Guide has been developed by the relocation experts at the to assist with your relocation. We are parents who have relocated and know that a successful move is dependent on up-to-date information about perspective communities. We have created this resource to provide you with all the information required to manage your relocation. It is divided into three categories: Before the move, during the move, and settling in.

Choosing a Realtor should be approached with the same care you’d take to choose a lawyer or doctor. Friends, neighbors and coworkers are often good sources for referrals.

tips to help your teens make the transition

Relocating Your Teenager

How to Help Your Teenager Feel Good About the Upcoming Move!

Moving to a new city is difficult enough without having to face the challenges that come with uprooting a teenager. Studies have shown that teenagers are generally more angry about having to move then their younger siblings.

These teens are not only having to deal with the thought of changing schools, they also realize they are losing friends, social clubs, athletics, performing arts activities and a way of life they’ve come to love. For them, life may seem to be over.

Here are some tips to help your teens make the transition:

Determine Needs & Location

Now that you know how much home you are comfortable with purchasing (your price range), and have chosen a mortgage lender, it’s time to narrow down the search for your new home. Defining your wants and needs will help increase the efficiency of the home search process.

Determining Needs

Start by thinking about your present home and making a list of which features you would like repeated in your new home. Next envision your new home and try to build it in your mind. Does it have more bedrooms than your present home? Do you need more bathrooms? Do you need a bigger yard? Click on the following House Hunting Checklist link and print this handy guide. Use it to identify your wants and needs. The “needs” list will narrow your search by focusing on those homes meeting your most important criteria. Your “wants” list will help you choose among the remaining possibilities. In a buyer’s market you can widen your wants list and be more selective.

Conduct Home Search

Now that you have established the price range you are comfortable with, chosen a lender, and received your pre-approval letter, you and your REALTORĀ® representative are ready to start looking at homes. The criteria you established when identifying your needs such as the maximum commute time tolerable to your place of employment, neighborhood amenities, school districts, etc. Have helped to narrow the possibilities where your new home could possibly exist. Even so you may still be faced with many choices. Your REALTORĀ® can be invaluable when it comes to helping you make informed decisions.

NOTE: Under Federal Housing Laws it is unlawful for a real estate professional to engage in conduct that is discriminatory on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, sex, handicap or familial status. A real estate professional should never steer you towards or away from a particular neighborhood if the homes there fit your needs and are within your range of affordability.